ChiSeries, Demon Invasion, Genre Fiction Coordinator, & Beta Readers

For starters, I got to do something new this week that was a lot of fun! ChiSeries showcases SFF authors in Canada (They are currently holding readings from Ottawa to Winnipeg, with plans to expand out west). We get a chance to read our work in front of others, and ChiSeries not only gives the authors table space to sell their books (and other items), but also pays the authors to read. I was shocked when I found that out. Just having the opportunity to read something of mine and get my name out there was pretty exciting, never mind getting paid for it.

It was a pretty small crowd that came out for the event, but it was great practice. I sold a book, traded a book, and bought a book! I’ve met Claudette Melanson a couple times before, and told my wife about her books. After hearing the reading, it sounded like something my wife would really enjoy. Claudette said she wanted to get my first book, too, so we did a trade, and my wife said she’s looking forward to reading Rising Tide. It’s about a girl named Maura who is born as a vampire, but doesn’t realize it. She’s grown up as an outcast, tormented by other kids in school. There were some good humourous bits in the reading Claudette did, while also painting the picture of a very lonely girl. I might even steal it from my wife when she’s done. 😉

One of my favourite things is seeing people holding my book(s) and smiling! :D

One of my favourite things is seeing people smiling and holding my book(s)!

In the background of that shot, you can see Marcy Italiano. I picked up her book, Katrina and the Frenchman. That might sound like a romance by the title, but it couldn’t be farther from what it’s about! It’s her story about surviving Hurricane Katrina in a hotel called The Frenchman. It sounded absolutely terrifying. She took pictures (until her batteries died), and told us there are stories and things that happened in New Orleans that we never saw in the news. It sounds exciting and scary all at once.

The paperback for Demon Invasion was finalized this week! If you prefer the dead-tree version of books, your wait is over. You can get it (and my other books) over on CreateSpace.

What’s it about? Here’s the blurb!

The demon lord Zeracth has a plan to take an army to the world of Illuma. However, his spawn Glezxnodin has his own plans to save his people and create a demon nation.

Illuma at first appears ripe for the taking, but the world has changed since the demons fled ages ago and many new challenges await them.

There is a glossary at the back with pronunciations for demon names.

Additionally, the video of me reading the first scene of Demon Invasion is up on Youtube, and is embedded below! You no longer need wonder how to pronounce names like Ffckookckck, Glezxnodin, or Eoyrklaqti.

Luke at Vocamus Press was at the ChiSeries event, and I asked him if publishing a novella was enough to take part in Book Bash. He said absolutely. The only thing he doesn’t let in is something like a person getting a poem published in a magazine, because then everyone would want in. But some people come with a little poetry book with a few poems in it, so a novella is fine. I’m excited to go again, after the great time I had last year!

Also, I’m in talks with him to become the “Genre Fiction Coordinator” for Vocamus Press. I’ll get to go to conferences and represent genre fiction authors from the Guelph area, set up quarterly events to encourage networking, and look into getting grant money to help the organization flourish. Should be fun!


I’m done with developmental editing for A Hero’s Birth!

If you are interested in beta reading it, here’s what I’m looking for (this isn’t an exhaustive list, but gives an idea of the sorts of themes of feedback I’d like to receive):

  1. Does the story make sense throughout? Any difficult parts?
  2. Is there anything you don’t think is necessary to the story?
  3. Is there anything you wish was included that isn’t there?
  4. Do you have any questions about any of the story arcs after you’re done reading? Aside from a couple threads that lead into the next series, everything regarding Thomas, Sarentha, and Eliza should wrap up. If your question is in regards to a long-lived character, assume they’ll still be around 400 years later for the next series. I have some overarching story points that will not be resolved until the end of the third series.
  5. If I get  several people who are interested, priority will be given to those who have read the first two books.
  6. Please try to finish reading it in a month. It’s a beefy book, at 170,000 words, so plan accordingly.
  7. Please no spoilers. This probably goes without saying, but don’t post any direct quotes or reviews that give away key plot points in the book. Let other people enjoy it or hate it on their own. There’s some enormous twists and turns in this one. If you absolutely NEED to talk about it, message me in private on social media or e-mail me.