Genre Fiction Meeting: Conventions

I’ll be hosting a meeting for genre fiction authors at The Red Brick Cafe in downtown Guelph tomorrow, starting at 1pm. After our first meet & greet during the summer, there was a request to talk about conventions, so I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned to help people sell their books. Additionally, I’m asking any genre fiction authors who are Friends of Vocamus Press if they would be interested in having their books represented under the Vocamus banner at a convention or two this winter. I’m hoping to attend KW Tri-Con, and Kitchener Comic Con, where I had a lot of success this year, and gave a talk on self-publishing. However, the tables are not inexpensive, so if I can share half the table with Friends of Vocamus, and showcase local authors’ work, that’d be great!

book-bash-006Guelph Book Bash was last weekend, and it was a great time! Thanks go Luke Hill of Vocamus Press for all the hard work of putting together the event to celebrate the authors who published a book in the last year. Also thanks to Joanne Guidoccio for taking this picture of Marian Thorpe and me at our table. Congratulations to Avril Borthiry for landing a 3-book deal with a traditional publisher!

Anna Bowen hosted the event, calling up the long list of 30 authors to speak about their new work. She even almost got my last name right, saying ToxopEEus, instead of ToxopAYus. Not bad. I’ve heard much worse!

Live music before and after the author segment was provided by Madison Galloway, who played guitar and harmonica, and showcased great range with her voice. I couldn’t believe she’s only 16 years old! She’ll be going places, for sure.

Last but not least, thank you to all the sponsors and partners who help make Book Bash possible. Without your generous contributions, there would be no event!

It was a pretty light week for writing, but I finished with the editing notes I’ve received so far for A Hero’s Birth. Also, I set up the pre-order for Macimanito Môswa just so I had a link to fire off to promote it. I’m not actively promoting the pre-order, because pre-orders don’t count toward ranking, and I’m hoping enough people I know will be interested in it straight away that it’ll go up the ranks and be noticed by people I don’t know. So I’ll be linking to it on Halloween!