Sometimes I amuse myself

Writing went well this week. I had a couple nights where I sat down and words flowed without too much trouble. Part of this was because there were excellent philosophical discussions between Trai and his cat. The conversation ended with a wonderful/awful turn of phrase that fit Trai’s personality perfectly. I’m usually no good at that sort of thing. Sometimes when I think something’s funny, writers will say, “Don’t do that.”

No, seriously, when I wrote 1100 BGW (Before Gods’ War) (about minotaurs), I put in a line about how one of the big males was attempting “to cow” a female. I liked it. Someone else said whether I put it in intentionally or accidentally, it needed to go. Sure, it was corny, but sometimes I like to write corny things, dammit. But as it was part of an anthology, I decided to heed his advice and turf it.

But this time it’s my own work, and I will not apologize.

I talked about Eclipse in last month’s Patreon supporter e-mail (you want in on the scoop? Pledge $2 per month to get these sorts of fascinating feline insights (not to mention your name in the dedication section of my next release, an e-book of your choice, and my eternal gratitude)), but I might just talk about her again next month because I’m so pleased with this joke.

Paperback copies of all my books will be available at The Round Table! I dropped them off this weekend. This is an exciting development, because the game store has a strong fantasy vibe to it, and I feel like “my people” are going to see my books there and be interested.

The next Guelph Genre Fiction meeting will be at Miijidaa Cafe + Bistro, beside The Bookshelf in downtown Guelph. If you’re interested in learning about book promotion, or sharing your own successes and failures, please feel free to come by on Sunday December 4th at 2pm!