Review: A Handful of Dust

A Handful of Dust: Tales of Post-Apocalyptic Kentuckiana, by Jeff Ford

Genre: Post-apocalyptic

Rating: 4-stars

Biological warfare wiped out almost all of humanity, and these short stories chronicle some of the aftermath.

Each story was unique and evocative. I think my favourite was “Sam,” because I was kept guessing until the very end. I’d thought it was going to go all Shaun of the Dead on me, but it didn’t (I won’t spoil it, though!).

Also, every story had a satisfying ending – that’s not to say happy. It’s an apocalypse. But they wrapped up nicely and showed a wide range of trauma that people went through.

While I enjoyed the entire collection, the stories were littered with minor errors – spelling, added/missing/incorrect words, typos, punctuation – but were not enough to make me want to stop reading. Just a short pause, an, “I think he meant X,” and moving on. I did my usual thing I do with indie authors in offering to point out these sorts of errors, but was told the story already went through an editor, so I didn’t take out my notepad for the last three stories. Thus, I’ll check a sample in future works to make sure more care is put into it, especially if it’s a longer novel, because a longer book with an error on every page or two would wear on me.

All in all, a quick, entertaining read that builds up a world that I look forward to seeing more of from this author.