Reviews: Arizona, and Broken Souls

Yes, today is a two-for-one deal! Both of these short stories by Roland Boykin were available through Kindle Unlimited (KU), which allows you to read as many titles as you want for a monthly subscription. I had a free month with my

Kindle Paperwhite, and finally got around to using it. While I think I got my $10’s worth and then some, I won’t be continuing on with the service because a) not all the books I want to read are available through KU, b) I get free books through BookBub from time to time, c) I like to beta read, which would eat into my limited reading time, d) I’m a slow reader so I don’t anticipate I’d get my money’s worth every month. In fact, I put a call out to Google Plus, seeking authors who had shorter works that I could access through KU, specifically so I could burn through as many short stories and novellas as possible before the subscription ran out. If I were to read full length novels, I wouldn’t get my money’s worth. However, if you’re a quicker reader than I am, you might find the service useful. The last several books I’ve reviewed I got through KU this month, so you could start there and be quite pleased! (Also, my own titles are all available through KU, if you please)

ARIZONA, by Roland Boykin

Genre: Fantasy romance

Rating: 4 stars

A cattle herder has a near-death experience and becomes infatuated with the ocean and one of its inhabitants in the process. Set in the USA, this story has a definite fantasy element to it. Perhaps because it’s a short story made up of several short snippets of time, the romance aspect is a bit abstract. The cattle herder’s love interest is so alien that it’s hard to comprehend her feelings, and their relationship is made up of such brief moments it’s difficult to put myself in the herder’s head-space, too. That said, the story was well written, and it got the gears in my head spinning, although I thought romances were supposed to get your heart pumping! Either way, I’m glad I read this one. I can appreciate the mashup of fantasy and western!

Broken Souls, by Roland Boykin

Genre: Romance

Rating: 5 stars

Crystal is a great grandmother who runs a bookstore. She raised her son on her own, after losing her lover to war. Now she’s on the brink of losing her shop as business has been too quiet. When she has a turn in her fortunes, it’s not just her shop that prospers, but life offers her another chance at love.

Unlike the first story which I found interesting on an intellectual level, this story pulled at my heart strings. The characterizations were excellent, the emotions and situations real. My wife doesn’t like reading on devices, but I’m sure this is a story she’d enjoy, so I’m going to let her use my Kindle to try it out. If you enjoy romance stories, I’d suggest giving this one a read.

One thought on “Reviews: Arizona, and Broken Souls

  1. Thank you, Ryan! I’m glad you liked them.
    Arizona was hard to write. How do you portray a love between an immortal who has no concept of the meaning of time, and a mortal who’s lifespan is so short?
    Broken Souls was both easier, since it was based on real and personal emotions, and harder because of the memories.
    It’ll be interesting to hear what you think of my novella. It seems to appeal mostly to women. The men who have read it didn’t feel I abused the characters enough. I just don’t treat my characters that way. Oh well.

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