Review: Silent Clarion

Silent Clarion: The Full Collection, by Matthew Graybosch

Genre: Science-Fantasy

Rating: 5 stars

I want to start off by saying I received a copy of Silent Clarion to beta read.

The story follows Adversary Naomi Bradleigh. If you’ve read Matthew Graybosch’s first novel, Without Bloodshed, then you’ll be familiar with this character already. Born with CPMD, a condition that gives people cat-like features, Naomi is as tough as they come. Using her position to whip police officers into line and keep the peace, she’s a force of nature.

But even officers of the law need some down time, and the majority of this story takes place during her “vacation” which is anything but. A hint of trouble presents itself, and she follows the trail, uncovering twist after twist, always finding more questions than answers. The pace is fast, and I never had any idea what was going to happen next. I loved this story, and look forward to more!