What would you do?

I’m applying for a grant. I know it’s a long shot, but winning $2000 or $6000 dollars that goes toward new equipment and travel costs would be amazing! A laptop and smart phone (so I can get a Square and take credit card payments) would definitely be in my future. Maybe a good quality microphone so I could make audio books.

I’ve been going through all the conventions I can find in Ontario and figuring out costs of tables, travel, and accommodations. So far I’m up to $4200. I’m still waiting to hear about the table fees for a couple conventions, but even that means I would be short by probably at least $1000.

But I hear there are some great cons elsewhere. If you know of any that you think I should attend (I’d prefer to stay in Canada), please let me know! It’d be awesome to take a trip somewhere to promote my writing.

To my fellow authors, what would you spend $6000 on if you could get new equipment and travel costs covered? If there’s something I’ve missed that could really help me out, I might rearrange my con schedule to fit it in.

Writing went well this week. I wrote 3000 words and finished chapter 4; if I add the work to put together that application, I’m well over the mark. Plus, I drew a very rudimentary map one night to send to Harvey for the new book. A Hero’s Birth will be my first book with two maps: One for the lands we already know, another for the lands across the ocean.

Here’s a sneak peak at the bad map I drew:

A Hero's Birth Map

The eastern lands