I’ve made quite a few friends while I’ve been an indie writer, and although some might view them as my “competition,” I like to think you can never have too many books!

This is by no means a complete list. I’m keeping it to people I’ve worked with, or people who wrote books I have read and loved, or am planning to read.


Harvey Bunda – He did the cover art and maps for my books. His artwork is amazing.

Ashley Holohan – She’s “an illustrator who prefers drawing fuzzy things rather than humans,” which you can check out on her website.

Deven Rue – Her pyrography is phenomenal. I need to get her to do maps for me one day! She has lots of other neat stuff, too.

Jeff Brown – Does amazing environmental artwork. If I ever have money to blow on bringing my cities to life, I’d definitely hire him.


Andy Goldman – He wrote The Only City Left which is a science fantasy about Allin Arcady, who’s trying to reach the Roof of the World, but runs into many interesting obstacles along the way. It’s an excellent read, as are the sequels!

Jeff Ford – Author of the short story collection A Handful of Dust: Tales of Post-Apocalyptic Kentuckiana.

Claudette Melanson – She has a fantasy series about a girl name Maura who was born a vampire, but doesn’t know it. I got the first book, Rising Tide, for my wife because she enjoys vampires and I attended a reading where Claudette read the first chapter and it sounded really interesting!

Lisa Cohen – I’ve read her space opera Halcyone Space series and it’s phenomenal: Derelict, Ithaka Rising, Dreadnought and Shuttle, ParallaxA Star in the Void.

Matthew Graybosch – His debut science-fantasy novel Without Bloodshed is an excellent read. He has a serial set in the same world, called Silent Clarion, which I also really enjoyed.

Peter Smalley – Grimme was the first indie book I picked up, and I loved this fantasy/steam punk story. His new series about a werewolf spy ballerina in Nazi-occupied Paris is very good, too! Check out The Eagle and The Wolf.

Rich Griffith – He wrote Jump/Drive, a story with intrigue, action, and a group of teenagers who have survived some trauma even before the wild events of the story.

Rick Wayne – Author of the amazing Minus Faction series – flawed characters with limited super powers.

Roland Boykin – Author of several fantasy stories, my favourite is The Princess and the Apprentice.

Sarah WaterRaven – Author, artist, and editor, she’s the triple threat of creativity! I met her at conventions in Ontario, and she’s lovely. Check out her website.

Traci Loudin – Her post-apocalyptic novel Last of the Ageless is excellent! It has a large cast of characters from diverse backgrounds and some fun science/magic.


Karen Conlin – She wears two editing hats: she does line and developmental editing. She did the developmental editing for my third novel, A Hero’s Birth, and I’m very happy with her work! She also loves to share her knowledge with others on social media.

Game Developers:

Broken Things – Nat and Tyler helped me so much when I was starting out with Wizards’ War. If I ever finish the game, they’ll be a big reason why! Their first game, Builders!, was successfully Kickstarted.


Vocamus Press – Luke Hill runs this organization in Guelph, which aims to help local authors in a variety of ways. They shine a spotlight on Guelph talent, running an annual Book Bash festival that showcases Guelph authors who have published work in the previous year. They also put together the Etch Anthology, a collection of short stories written by Guelph teens in three categories: Grades 7-8, 9-10, and 11-12. The Rhapsody Anthology contains poems and short prose by Guelph authors.


Tech Consulting – A friend of mine hosts this webspace. He’s a great guy to work with, and his prices are extremely competitive.

More will be added to this list as I remember them, or as I read more books I enjoy!