Future Releases

I’ve been writing fantasy since 2010, officially. That is, I didn’t publish anything that I wrote before A Noble’s Quest. Although I always loved writing, I just didn’t see it as a viable career option. I still don’t, but I love sharing stories, so I do this in my spare time, an hour here and there. On a normal week, I’ll cobble together 3,000 words and write a monthly diary entry on my blog.

3,000 words per week is pretty low, compared to career writers. I’ve seen others pounding out over 10,000 per week, which would turn my 50 weeks of writing into 15. So if you’re looking for a prolific writer who will give you multiple new books per year, I’m going to have to send you elsewhere. But if you like what I’ve published so far, I hope you’ll continue with me on my journey.

Here’s my long term plan for all things writing, and please note that there will probably be changes along the way. I’ll sometimes submit a short story somewhere, or get a new idea in my head that I need to address.

A Queen’s Edict (2020) – Book 1 in the Strongblade Siblings (SS) series. This takes place over 400 years after A Hero’s Birth.

A Prophet’s Request (tentative name. 2022) – Book 2 in SS series.

A Mage’s Fear (tentative name. 2024) – Book 3 in SS series.

A Dragon’s Deal (tentative name. 2026) – Book 4 in SS series.

A Demon’s Plot (tentative name. 2028) – Book 1 in final series, yet unnamed.

A Fire’s Hunger (tentative name. 2030) – Book 2

A World’s Hope (tentative name. 2032) – Book 3

I have outlined the chapter names for all those books and hope I can keep to a schedule of one full novel every two years. It will depend on if I can keep up my modest pace, and if I can finance the cover art and editing. With another year or two until I’m ready to put out the next novel, that gives me time to sell more books. I’m hopeful that this schedule will be easier to meet at that time!