This page is a collection of pictures and videos that are available for you to see. I love Harvey Bunda’s artwork, so I thought I would share it if people would like to look at it. I also have much, much larger versions if you want to contact me about getting a full size poster (11″x17″), or any other paraphernalia with this artwork on it.

New Cover!

Here’s Grace Strongblade, for the cover of book 1 in the Strongblade Siblings series, A Queen’s Edict! Grace is the eldest sibling, and the muscle for the group. She’s terse and sarcastic, keeping people at sword’s length. Although she prefers to be a mercenary on the road, she’s saddled with a quest of vital importance to the kingdom that necessitates spending time with her younger siblings. One guess how she feels about that.


Cover art


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Map for A Noble’s Quest

Map for A Wizard's Gambit

Map for A Wizard’s Gambit


I was interviewed by Steve DeWinter for FantasyCon on Facebook, and we had a great chat. Don’t be scared off by the 40 minute timer, it flew by really quickly with a lot of fun topics.

Other art

We want more, Precious.

These four images were made into physical cards with their stories on the backs.