Ryan Toxopeus, award winning writer of the Empire’s Foundation fantasy trilogy, has been writing fantastic tales for two decades. His first award was received in university, when he entered a short story contest with a work of fiction that chronicled a Dutch resistance fighter in World War II, who was captured by the Nazis and put in a concentration camp. The story took first place, much to the surprise of the judges who said they were not used to seeing that quality of writing, especially from an engineering student. Although he loved writing, his schooling took him elsewhere, and he did not start writing seriously again until after the birth of his daughter. Since then, Ryan has published his first trilogy (A Noble’s Quest, A Wizard’s Gambit, A Hero’s Birth), a novella (Demon Invasion), and several short stories both related to his larger fantasy world, and stand alone stories including Macimanito Môswa which won Honourable Mention in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest.

While writing, he keeps the mantra, “If I’m bored writing it, readers will be bored reading it,” in mind. Thus his focus is on fast-paced action and intrigue. His world and plots are rich and complex, keeping readers guessing right until the end.

Originally from Ontario, he now lives in Saskatchewan with his wife, children, and hamster. He also works on creating games related to his writing.

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  1. I’m on your mailing list and found 1100 BGW interesting. I appreciate the free read, but do you offer an ebook version? .mobi or PDF? Like to read on my Kindle, and I frequently reread books. Your series sounds fascinating and I’ll add it to my wish list. Thanks, Judy

    • Hi Judy, I have just created the e-book version for the short story today, so I will e-mail that to you soon!

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