In order to help readers understand the true scale of the story I’m telling, I thought seeing the full 4500 year time line might help illuminate the scope of work. This is not a comprehensive list of stories I want to tell. I might write about the Gods’ War one day, and there are short stories I want to add into the mix. But this is a general guideline that I work from.


2000 Before Gods’ War (BGW) – Dwarves created

1950 BGW – Dwarves corrupted

1500 BGW – Demons flee Illuma

1250 BGW – Dark Ones

1100 BGW – Emperor Margaff’s rise to power

750 BGW – Knightmare (Short Story #1 in Dawn)

200 BGW – Demon Invasion

10 BGW – Fountain of Magic and Fyrsanthemar’s Anti-magic Crystal created (Short Story #4 in Dawn)

0 – Gods’ War

5 After Gods’ War (AGW) – Black Peaks renamed Terror Peaks (Short Story #2 in Dawn)

250 AGW – Matthew Strongblade’s heroic story begins (Prologue in A Hero’s Birth)

252 AGW – Matthew Strongblade frees the slaves (Prologue in A Wizard’s Gambit)

450 AGW – Dragon War (Prologue in A Noble’s Quest)

980 AGW – A Noble’s Quest, A Wizard’s Gambit

981 AGW – A Hero’s Birth

1030 AGW – Wizards’ War (being made into a board game)

1410 AGW – Fyuhrlhen discovered (Short Story #3 in Dawn)

1430 AGW – The Strongblade Siblings series: A Queen’s Edict, A Prophet’s Request, A Mage’s Fear, A Dragon’s Deal (Books 4-7)

1750 AGW – The Titans series: A Demon’s Plot, A Fire’s Hunger, A World’s Hope (Books 8-10)

800 AWS – Unnamed science fantasy series