Boxing Day Sale!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

If you’ve been waiting for the completion of the Empire’s Foundation trilogy before you start reading, you might want to get an early jump on it!

Advanced Review Copies (ARCs) of A Hero’s Birth are out. The paperback is formatted and I’ve submitted everything for A Hero’s Birth and waiting on their review of the files so I can order an author proof to make sure everything looks good. So long as there aren’t any delays with CreateSpace, I should have the paperback books ready to roll before GenreCon!

In the meantime, you can get A Noble’s Quest and A Wizard’s Gambit for just 99 cents today! I’ve got a Kindle countdown deal going on, and both books are heavily discounted to help people prepare for the release of book three in January!

In other news, my flash fiction Carbon Concerns has been submitted to a magazine called Futuristic Canada by Dark Helix Press.

“So what’s next?” you ask.



That’s right, the Strongblade Siblings series will be at least 4 books. Maybe 5. I’ll have to wait and see how book 2 goes, because there’s a TON of content for that one, and it might need to be split into two separate novels.

With almost 75,000 words written for A Queen’s Edict, the only problem is funds. I’m banking pretty heavily on my first trilogy doing well after it’s complete. I need this series to succeed, or the next four books don’t get published. Period.

I’ve already run two Indiegogo campaigns, raising over $2000 that went toward costs for editing and art. It was necessary to complete the first trilogy, because I wanted to finish what I started. Now, after getting developmental editing notes from two different editors I’ve learned a LOT about story structure, so I think I can get away without that. But I can’t keep relying on free editing from my aunt, and I certainly can’t afford to sink money into amazing cover art. There are just too many other things that we need to focus on paying for and I won’t put my family in debt for my hobby, no matter how passionate I am about it.

If you’ve enjoyed my work and want to see where the story goes next, I need your help. I’m just one person, I’m an introvert, and not particularly good at using social media and marketing myself. What helps authors succeed is word of mouth from readers.

Here are two concrete things you can do to help:

  1. Leave reviews on my books on, Goodreads, or wherever else. The review doesn’t have to be long or detailed. Reviews are a numbers game, and once I have enough of them, I can have a chance of getting accepted by Book Bub, a site that promotes discounted ebooks. Just by putting A Noble’s Quest up on Book Bub for 99 cents, I can make the money back for the investment from people continuing on with the series. My books have great legs, with many people continuing to read into the series once they start. It’s finding readers that’s the tough part.
  2. Tell your friends. A quick post on social media, or even just sharing a post I make that you like, can help dramatically increase the number of people who learn about my writing.

I’ll be doing all I can to promote my work. My wife knows the journalism industry and writes great press kits, so I’ll be casting a wide net across the country with the completion of the trilogy. I’ll be doing book readings, signings, and continue going to conventions. I’d like to hit a bigger one this year to increase my reach. When people see my art, and hear how passionate I am about my books, they often buy them. I’ve had people say they’ll wait until the trilogy’s finished, because they don’t want to wind up with a series that’s incomplete.

Additionally, I’ll be submitting shorter works with the help of my Patrons. If I get some stories published the traditional way, I can start applying for government grants to offset my editing/art costs. I already have two (1100 Before Gods’ War was published by HDWPBooks in their Theme-thology: New Myths collection, and Dangers of Tensire was published by Phoenix Quill in their Scoundrels anthology), so it won’t take much more before I can apply.

In the meantime, I’ll keep writing. I love it and can’t imagine stopping. Who knows? Maybe some year down the line we’ll have the money and I can pay for editing. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to publish them sooner if this series does well.

Boxing Day Contest and Sale

Earlier this week I said there would be a contest announced this week, and here it is.

If you leave a review on (yes, the US site, although you can leave reviews at the store for the country you live in, as well, but .com is the most useful) between now and my birthday (April 11th), you will be entered into a draw for one of my fantasy mugs. If you’ve already reviewed everything I’ve written, you’re already entered. Note, this doesn’t require the purchase of a new book. If you’ve already read something of mine, you can review it if you haven’t already, and be entered into the contest. Note that these need to be honest reviews… this isn’t fishing for 5-star reviews. Any review, from 1 to 5 stars will be given equal weighting in the contest (although probably someone who thinks my books deserve 1 star wouldn’t really want the mug).

Click to see larger image

But wait! There’s another way to get an entry! Do you have a physical copy of A Noble’s Quest, A Wizard’s Gambitor Demon Invasion? If not, they’ve all been reduced to about as low a price as CreateSpace will allow, so there’s never been a better time to pick them up! Take a selfie with one of my books, post it to the social media site of your choice, and tag me in it to make sure I see it (I don’t check Facebook or Twitter much, and Google Plus doesn’t necessarily show you everything you want to see, so tagging me is essential).

Want another chance to win? Share this blog post (tag me on Google Plus, Facebook, or Twitter), and that’s worth an entry, too!

Anyone who leaves a new review and posts a selfie and shares the contest will get a bonus entry, for a total of four entries into the draw.

The mug has art from my three novels, without the text. It’s a $15 value (plus shipping). This contest is open to anyone in any country. Happy reading!

Today’s the big day! All six of my ebook titles are available on Amazon for just 99 cents each!

I’ll provide a short blurb about each book. Five of these titles are related to my main epic fantasy series that takes place on my world, Illuma, and I’ll list them in the order I recommend reading them in. The sixth is a stand alone short story that is unrelated to Illuma.

A Noble’s Quest (The Empire’s Foundation Book 1) (originally $3.99 (75% off!))This story starts with Thomas and Sarentha, two lumberjacks, who get into a fatal fight at work and are forced to flee. Luckily for them, there’s a mysterious nobleman who’s looking for some expendable hired help. After they prove themselves to be moderately competent, the nobleman teams them up with his niece Eliza, who leads them around the empire and beyond doing odd jobs to uncover a terrifying truth.

1100 BGW (Before Gods’ War) This is a short story that was published by HDWPBooks in their Theme-thology: New Myths collection. It also hit #1 in the Free 30-minute SFF category on Amazon earlier this year.

Amurtag, a simple minotaur farmer, has been called to a meeting. Although she doesn’t know why she and the others have been summoned, the minotaur’s new leader soon reveals himself. When she voices her doubts, she is taken aside to speak with him and learn more about his vision for their people.

Demon Invasion (originally $1.50 (33% off!)) This novella illuminates the back story of the antagonist from my second novel. I liked him so much that I wanted to go back and show readers where he came from, and what his motivations are. A band of demons find a way to escape their fiery realm and run amok around Illuma, a lush, fertile world. Although they are mighty and tear many settlements apart, they soon discover that some of the lesser races have built up great power over the centuries since the demons were forced to flee to their fiery realm.

A Wizard’s Gambit (Empire’s Foundation Book 2) (originally $4.99 (80% off!)) Thomas, Sarentha, and Eliza believe their empire is entering a new golden age. After they are given new roles of responsibility, events unfold that threaten to topple all they’ve worked for. Outside forces attack the empire, and an undead plague spreads in the capital. It will be up to the fledgling heroes to uncover their lost history if they are to survive.

Dawn: A dwarven creation story This set of short stories look at important points in the history of Illuma. From a party of dwarves seeking to discover the fate of their holiest mountains, to a deceptive rogue attempting to uncover the Chamber of Creation, these short stories are action packed, and give fans a deeper understanding of historical events and magical items that appear in the novels.

Macimanito Môswa This short story won honourable mention in the L Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future 4th quarter, this year.

Hannah, a single mother of two, is driving through Northwestern Ontario at night when a demon-possessed moose crosses her path. Does she have what it takes to keep her children safe in the middle of nowhere when her vehicle breaks down?


Boxing Day

Here in Canada, the day after Christmas is called Boxing Day, and it’s usually a day when people race to stand in long lines to get “door crasher” deals on stuff they didn’t get for Christmas. It’s akin to Am

cans running out and trampling each other for deals the day after they were just thankful for everything they have in their life.

So today is the last day for deals on my e-books.

A Noble’s Quest is available for 99 cents, if you put the code AC45J in at Smashwords.

Book 2, A Wizard’s Gambit, is 25% off if you put in the code ZN93U.

And my short story collection Dawn: a dwarven creation story is free with the code ZV53N.

The three short stories are done. I’m surprised I got them finished before Christmas. While the first story was around 4000 words, the other two didn’t take as many words to write. I’m pretty happy that it’ll be a quick, fun introduction to the characters. Each has their own issues they’re up against, and deal with them in their own unique ways that I think will show readers that they’re in for a good time with this bunch. We’ll just have to wait and see if anyone agrees with that!

And I loaded A Hero’s Birth onto my ereader and started going through it, looking for mistakes and places where I could tighten up/expand on the writing. Some of it’s looking good, some of it needs to be re-written. So it goes. I got chills at the end of the prologue, that that’s a good sign, right?